[GE users] GE with application where fork and parent exits

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Nov 8 00:34:29 GMT 2005


Am 04.11.2005 um 22:24 schrieb Jonathan T Zink:

> Hi,
> I have an application which does a fork call.  The parent
> then exits normally (via _exit()) and the child process
> continues work.

to run in a batch system under control it would be the best to avoid  
that the process tries to vanish in the daemon land at all. Was this  
application originally intended to only be run from the command line?

-- Reuti

> Gridengine seems to be exiting normally after the parent
> exits (and killing all the child processes) thus interrupting
> processing.
> How do I prevent GridEngine from doing this i.e. is there
> a way to force it to check the all forked child processes?
> I have been looking at the PE options but this isn't really
> a parallel environment task (as the parent is done not
> long after the child has been forked).  Help?
> Yes, I know the parent id of the child process has been
> changed to init after the parent exits.  I really don't want the  
> parent
> hanging around (the application image is fairly large) so that is
> not an option.
> Command:  qsub -cwd -j y -m aes -b y   executable <args>
> Verison: GridEngine 6.0u1
> OS: Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3
> Platform: ia64
> Jonathan Zink
> jtzink at raytheon.com
> Jonathan Zink
> Raytheon Missile Systems
> 520.794.0242
> 520.489.0742 pager
> jtzink at raytheon.com

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