[GE users] I know qmon in GE 5.3 - change?

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 10 23:06:51 GMT 2005

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1) Nope.  qmon is still qmon.  It's been extended to accomodate the new
6.0 features, but it looks and works the same.

2) 6.0u6 is the version to use today.  6.0u7 is coming soon, though. 
(That's the snapshot2 you saw mentioned.)  6.0u7 will focus on
performance and scalability, so it may be worth upgrading to once it
comes out.

3) Gee. There are a lot of changes.  The big ones are:

a) cluster queues -- queues that span multiple hosts
b) new communication infrastructure -- no more commd
c) multi-threaded qmaster -- faster and more responsive
d) BDB -- spool to a database instead of just to files
e) DRMAA -- programmatic API for job handling in C or Java language

Did I miss anything?


Peter Toft wrote On 11/10/05 23:56,:

>Hi guys
>I know GridEngine 5.3 - and I have been using qmon
>(as well as the command-line tools). I want to upgrade to a newer GE 
>version for RHEL3. I have a few questions which some of you might be able 
>to comment for me;
>1) Has there been made any radical change to qmon since 5.3?
>   Generally the 5.3 version it seems lika a "kinda old" program and
>   could deserve a new Qt or GTK design.
>2) which version would you recommend to upgrade to? I see that 
>   you discuss 6.2 snapshots now :)
>3) Is there a URL (or can you here) describe the major changes
>   from 5.2->6.0->6.x?
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