[GE users] web interface to "qstat -xml" -- any java folk able to lend a hand? (need a cocoon generator for qstat)

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Nov 11 00:30:06 GMT 2005

I've junked most of the perl CGIs and scripts responsible for  
collecting and transforming SGE XML and have started re-developing  
the little "xml-qstat" interface under the Apache Cocoon XML  
publishing framework.

A work in progress demo is here:


The output format above is biased towards the "show me everything"  
side which works for small clusters. XML is dynamically collected  
from SGE at periodic intervals via an external caching daemon.

For very large and active clusters where the "show me everything"  
model breaks down ( or breaks browsers! ) I've started work on some  
"terse" XSL stylesheets. The effect of the "terse" stylesheet as  
applied to canned XML taken from a largish cluster can be seen here:


The reason for this email is that I need to start work on the more  
dynamic stuff -- for instance the ability to click on a SGE JobID and  
have rendered output from a dynamic "qstat -j <jobID>" call appear  
within a DHTML DIV element.

The "proper" way to do this within Apache Cocoon would be to write a  
java "Cocoon Generator" capable of calling out to  "qstat -xml" and  
bringing the resulting XML directly into a Cocoon XML object for  
transformation and XHTML serialization.

But ...

I'm a perl geek, not a java software engineer. I have absolutely no  
idea how to go about writing a qstat XML generator for Apache Cocoon.  
I'm pretty sure its not all that hard to do but I'm just not capable  
of getting my head around the problem.

If I can't figure out the pure-java-Cocoon methods I'm just going to  
write some tiny perl CGI's and have Cocoon fetch the dynamic XML via  
http operations which is not as efficient (or elegant!) The perl  
stuff I can spin out easily but I'd rather this be a 100% Cocoon  
package if I can manage it.

Anyone willing to help me out with this? The xml-qstat stuff is open  
source under a creative commons license. The Cocoon Generator  
approach will make the resulting package far easier to setup and  
distribute since external CGIs for XML data fetching won't be needed.


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