[GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 11 18:39:08 GMT 2005

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Once qsub reports the job number, qstat should see the job.  For the
problem with qstat and qacct, see here:



David Pinsky 288-3739 wrote On 11/11/05 19:24,:

>Is it guaranteed that, once qsub reports the job number for a submitted job
>request, that qstat can report that job info?  (Is there ever a case where
>qsub can report a submitted job number, but the information that qstat reads
>and reports is not yet available, causing qstat to report "Following jobs do
>not exist: XXX")
>Can I count on the accounting information for a completed
>job having been written by the time that the job information
>is no longer available to qstat?
>Note that I am not asking about NFS latency or other elements outside the
>scope of SGE itself, just the flow sequence in how SGE provides info.
>The (pseudo-code) sequence I am trying to work with is:
>jobno = qsub cmd
>qstat -j $jobno
>when [qstat reports "Following jobs do not exist: $jobno"]
>  qacct -j $jobno
>Again, ignoring latency in the updating of the .../common/accounting file
>on disk, is this sequence legitimate based on the order in which
>sge handles the actions between submit, status report, accounting.
>I am only now getting familiar with the drmaa api, which seems like
>it might be a more robust approach to this problem.  However,
>my above approach worked fine in 5.3, but sporadically reports
>incorrectly in 6.0u3, qacct reports 'job id XXX not found' *after*
>qstat reports 'Following jobs do not exist...', but a second
>qacct does find and report on jobno.
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