[GE users] distributed X applications

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at kent.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 14:12:27 GMT 2005


At this site we are pondering how best to utilise a small cluster
of machines using SGE 6.

At the moment the cluster is up and running and distributing long
running jobs quite happily.

Since the platform (Sol 9 x86) is non compatible with most of the
rest of our kit (Sol 9 sparc) as in binary compatibility, I figured
it could be handy to offload some of the "free X software" that we
run to the cluster (such as Firefox and OpenOffice) as these can 
utilise a lot of resources when lots of copies are running on
the same host.

However even though I have upped the number of slots on a couple
of the nodes (to 10 for testing) and can use these for running
batch jobs and qrsh jobs manually.  When I run the following
as a script:

export SGE_ROOT
/gridware/sge/bin/sol-x86/qsh  -S /opt/csw/bin/firefox  

I can still launch only as many copies as there are CPUs available
to the cluster, rather than as many copies as there are slots
provided by the cluster.

I can run the same number of batch jobs as there are slots, as well
as qrsh sessions as there are slots (and then launch firefox by hand).  
But any scripted launch of an application (well the example above 
anyway for testing) will only launch to available CPUs.

Ideally I would like to end in the situation where a user can log
on to their normal host,  run firefox and it gets launched off
the cluster without them being aware.   

Suggestions are welcome.



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