[GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing

David Pinsky 288-3739 dep at ftc.agilent.com
Mon Nov 14 17:17:25 GMT 2005

>> From: "Olesen, Mark" <Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com>
>> Subject: RE: [GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing

> > The (pseudo-code) sequence I am trying to work with is:
> > 
> > jobno = qsub cmd
> > qstat -j $jobno
> > when [qstat reports "Following jobs do not exist: $jobno"]
> >   qacct -j $jobno
> Not an answer, but a question:
> It there a clean way of capturing the job number from a qsub?
> In the past I've resorted to catching and parsing stderr output, but this is
> not exactly 'clean'.
> /mark
Like you, we have to process the output, ala (bash-ish):
	jobno=$(qsub [options] cmds | cut -f3 -d" "|cut -f1 -d.)

Seems like such a little fix would be so useful to so many.

And much thanks to Daniel Templeton for providing the info
on "Immediate Accounting Data Flushing".


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