[GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing

David Pinsky 288-3739 dep at ftc.agilent.com
Tue Nov 15 22:25:39 GMT 2005

>> From: Daniel Templeton <Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM>
>> Subject: Re: [GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing

I've seen some other suggestions since you wrote this that tried
to use the qsub return code.  As others have suggested, that does not work
(range of job numbers not representable as a unix rc).

The behavior we had used for a long time (in a proprietary DRM) is:
  Given a certain qsub commandline option (e.g. -B or -batch or ???),
  output the job number, and only the job number, on standard output

e.g.  (if % is the prompt)

    % qsub -o LOG -j y ~/bin/mycmd		# normal standard output
    Your job 181615 ("mycmd") has been submitted.
    % qsub -o LOG -j y -batch ~/bin/mycmd	# *only* job no
    # Allows for easy capture of the job number
    % jobno=$(qsub -o LOG -j y -batch ~/bin/mycmd)
    % echo $jobno

If qsub itself has an error, I would expect *no* standard output,
an Error message on standard error, and a non-zero return code.
Without an error, a return code of zero would be desired.

I think that captures the entirety of the 'little fix' useful 'to so many'
to which I referred.

This leads nicely into an additional capability that I have to construct
because it does not seem that SGE provides it...

This capturing of job numbers is very useful (at the script level)
when there is 'wait-on-job' functionality (also at the script level).
I have constructed this capability (in a somewhat crude fashion),
and will be looking into "cleaner" implementation using DRMAA.

But I have to be able to call drmaa_wait and drmaa_wexitstatus based solely
on the job number *string* (ie the jobnum as a shell cmdline argument).  In
other words, I want to be able to write a small program using
drmaa_wait/drmaa_wexitstatus that itself does *not* submit the job, but is
passed the job number, e.g.:

    % jobno=$(qsub -o LOG -j y -batch mycmd)
    % mydrmaa_cmd -v $jobno	# *ONLY* when jobno completes, output is:
    181618 Task: 0 SGE: 0 <executionHostName> <DateOfJobCompletion>
    #  Where 'Task: 0' indicates the return code of mycmd
    #  Where 'SGE: 0' indicates 'qacct' failed code


> Well, if we can clearly define a simple fix that is generally agreed to
> be useful, we might be able to slip it into u8.  In any case I will
> submit an RFE for it.  What behavior did you have in mind?
> Daniel
> David Pinsky 288-3739 wrote On 11/14/05 18:17,:
> >>>From: "Olesen, Mark" <Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com>
> >>>Subject: RE: [GE users] qsub/qstat/qacct information sequencing
> >>>      
> >>>
> >
> >  
> >
> >>>The (pseudo-code) sequence I am trying to work with is:
> >>>
> >>>jobno = qsub cmd
> >>>qstat -j $jobno
> >>>when [qstat reports "Following jobs do not exist: $jobno"]
> >>>  qacct -j $jobno
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>Not an answer, but a question:
> >>It there a clean way of capturing the job number from a qsub?
> >>In the past I've resorted to catching and parsing stderr output, but this is
> >>not exactly 'clean'.
> >>
> >>/mark
> >>
> >>    
> >>
> >Like you, we have to process the output, ala (bash-ish):
> >	jobno=$(qsub [options] cmds | cut -f3 -d" "|cut -f1 -d.)
> >
> >Seems like such a little fix would be so useful to so many.
> >
> >And much thanks to Daniel Templeton for providing the info
> >on "Immediate Accounting Data Flushing".
> >
> >David
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