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Sebastian Stark stark at tuebingen.mpg.de
Wed Nov 16 19:10:28 GMT 2005

Am 16.11.2005 um 20:02 schrieb Sebastian Stark:
> Am 16.11.2005 um 19:34 schrieb Andreas Haas:
>>> So I think Grid Engine is doing exactly the right thing here.  
>>> (besides mailing
>>> me hundreds of error messages...)
>> I guess this is admin mail? If you believe sending those mails is
>> unreasonable please let us know. One can argue admin mails generally
>> shouldn't be sent when jobs go into error state as this problem  
>> actually
>> needs not to be of interest for an admin. IIRC the reason for  
>> those error
>> mails being sent to the admin was that the 'trace' file is sent  
>> only with
>> admin mails. The second reason was users might submit jobs without  
>> -m/-M
>> option and then possibly nobody knows the reason of a job failure ...
> Generally I like that I get those mails

Ooops. I hit the send button accidently. What I wanted to say is:

Generally I like getting those admin emails. This way I now what kind  
of errors users make. Most of the time they have problems with  
quoting of variables that contain pathnames or automatic processing  
of pathnames.

The only problem is that I often get thousands of admin emails within  
a few seconds because users submit huge array jobs (-t 1-8000)  
without testing! This annoys our mailserver and, even worse, our  
mailserver administrator.

>> Well, actually since 6.0 it should be possible to send fewer admin  
>> mail
>> due to
>>    # qstat -j <jobid> | grep error
>> actually nicely reporting job error reasons. Btw. I just updated
>>    http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/troubleshooting.html
>> to reflect the means query of job/queue error reasons.

Thanks, I'm reading it right now.


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