[GE users] new approach to FLEXlm license integration - The "Olesen Method" - code & draft docs available

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 18 14:05:35 GMT 2005

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Dear Chris,

even though I haven't had a chance to do a detailed review,
I must say I'm really impressed of Mark's (and your) work.
I uploaded qlicserver-1.14.1.tar.gz to the projects download
area as you proposed and added at first a related link from


with regards to thinkable further development of qlicserver I
talked with Mark. The open issue was whether it would be possible
for qlicserver snapshots to become part of Grid Engine distributions
in order to make it easier deployable for anyone and Mark said
that is no problem in principle. My thinking is this should be
advantageous also for you as a wide spreading of it broadens
your base and at the same time make qlicserver easier to support.

At that occasion we also added two links to




from gridengine.sunsource.net's left naviagtion bar to make it
more visible for anyone.

Kind regards,

Sun Microsystems GmbH       |            ++49 +941 3075-131
Dr.-Leo-Ritter-Str. 7       |                N1 Grid Engine
D-93049 Regensburg/Germany  | System Engineering Group Lead

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

> In a post to the Grid Engine users list, Mark Olesen proposed a novel
> approach to FlexLM license integration on Grid Engine managed clusters.
> He offered to provide code that implemented his ideas with the caveat
> that he would be completely unable to provide support or end-user
> assistance. Since I had already written one of the FlexLM integration
> HOWTO's and have a personal interest in application integration
> issues I volunteered to try to support Mark's code if it meant that
> he would be able to release it to the general user community.
> Hopefully I'm up to the task!
> I've been playing with versions of his work for several weeks now and
> it is very cool, very useful and very well written. Within the last
> week, Mark has finalized his code and selected a Creative Commons
> license. Over the last two evenings I've been working on a GridWiki
> entry documenting the basic installation, configuration and
> installation.
> The first draft (along with a downloadable tarball!) is now ready for
> public review at this URL: http://gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/
> Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration.
> Obviously, Mark Olesen needs to be acknowledged for proposing his
> ideas and backing them up with well-written code. I'd also like to
> specifically thank the fine people at Schrödinger for providing
> access to some of their FLEXlm licensed software. Schrödinger's
> valuable contribution made it possible for me to test, evaluate and
> write about FLEXlm on Grid Engine managed systems. Thanks!
> URLs:
> [1] Mark's original post, http://gridengine.sunsource.net/servlets/
> ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=13124
> [2] My "traditional" HowTO on FLEXlm integration, http://bioteam.net/
> dag/
> [3] The Wiki entry documenting the "Olesen Method", http://
> gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration
> [4] Mark's code, http://gridengine.info/misc/qlicserver-1.14.1.tar.gz
> [5] The gridengine.info blog post that says the same thing as this
> email, http://gridengine.info/articles/2005/11/16/flexlm-license-
> integration-olesen-method
> SGE project admins:  Feel free to add the qlicserver-1.14.1.tar.gz
> tarball to the file download area.
> Feedback appreciated
> -Chris
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