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Hai Pham bob.cratermeister at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 06:04:26 GMT 2005

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On 11/19/05, Brady Catherman <bradyc at uidaho.edu> wrote:
> Wow.. I have never had Gentoo overwrite a config file. It always
> creates a "._cfg_<filename>" file and then lets you use etc-update to
> actually update configs. I believe overwriting stuff is explicitly
> forbidden by emerge. (Check out the sandbox installer, it won't let a
> program install anywhere its not supposed to =) It smacks its upside
> the head if it does.)

Yes, but etc-update overwrites the config files. :-)  Yes, I have to
hit 'y' to agree to each update, but after a big update with hundreds
of files that it wants me to read through, I invariably hit 'y' to at
least one config file that does something crucial.  This sort of thing
is fine for a developer computer, but is extremely annoying for a
server.  Make that more than one server that you need to keep going
and the ole sanity starts to slip.  Heh.  (And yes, Gentoo does have
an alternative to etc-update that I can't remember at the moment, but
it was also extremely annoying in it's own way.)

And yes, before someone jumps on me about how servers shouldn't be
touched, every so often there comes a security update or some app that
I need has to be updated -- which causes all the depencies to require
update too, and then all hell breaks loose.  That was when I decided
to ditch Gento after using it daily for 2 years and go with SUSE. 
Believe me, when you are looking after a server that other people use
regularly, stability and your sanity go much further than performance.

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