[GE users] Gentoo conf files (was Re: [GE users] Best cluster management software and OS)

John Hanks griznog at engineering.usu.edu
Sun Nov 20 19:52:16 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 01:04 -0500, Hai Pham wrote:

> Yes, but etc-update overwrites the config files. :-)  Yes, I have to
> hit 'y' to agree to each update, but after a big update with hundreds
> of files that it wants me to read through, I invariably hit 'y' to at
> least one config file that does something crucial.  This sort of thing
> is fine for a developer computer, but is extremely annoying for a
> server.  Make that more than one server that you need to keep going

If you ever take another look at Gentoo, try dispatch-conf rather than
etc-update. I think you'll like it a lot better, interactive merging of
conf files with automatic backups (of old versions and new versions)
make things a lot better.


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