[GE users] Best cluster management software and OS

John G Layne/laynejg/O/VCU laynejg at vcu.edu
Mon Nov 21 15:31:43 GMT 2005

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       Just wanted to add my two cents about pdsh & CentOS.  pdsh has become
absolutely indispensable on our cluster, it's unbelievably handy and nice.  I
even write a lot of Perl & C wrappers using pdsh to do things.  I highly
recommend cluster admins look into it.  I tried a couple of other similar
packages & they just didn't click with me, but of course, you should experiment
to see what you like & what works for you.  This is something I have to
continually get used to, nothing is really "set", you create your cluster as you
go along to suit your need; this is incredibly powerful.
      As for CentOS 4, we've been using it for a couple of months now and it's
boringly reliable, thank goodness!  We use SGE N1 for jobs control and the
combination of all of the above seems to be working really well, it's down now
to really tailoring exactly how many & what sort of jobs we want running on the
cluster, that sort of thing, and writing little custom utilities to help that
wrap around pdsh, qsub, qdel, etc. is really very nice.  Good luck with your
cluster, and have fun!
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