[GE users] cygwin/windows

Scott Roland scatterlined at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 22:09:34 GMT 2005

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The last reference I found to cygwin on this list was about a year ago, so
I'll bring it up again...

It is my understanding that the Windows client of GridEngine is only
available for money.

It is also my understanding that Cygwin's GPL prevents anyone from
distributing a Cygwin binary of GridEngine:


Finally, it sounds like some people are running the open source GridEngine
on Cygwin.

If I want to get a free (beer) GridEngine client on Windows is my best bet
still Cygwin? Where should I start?

Is the latest Cygwin considered thread-safe enough to handle GridEngine 6.x?

Will SunSource accept patches for getting GridEngine to compile under

Scott Roland

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