[GE users] Counting deleted jobs in share tree

Chris MacPhee macpheec at post.queensu.ca
Fri Nov 25 13:49:11 GMT 2005

Hi all:

SGE: Enterprise Edition 5.3
OS: Solaris 9

Our site has implemented a share tree policy to manage resource utilization
in our cluster.  In general, the system works quite well, providing fair
utilization for most users.

Unfortunately, we have found a blip.  Some of our users run batch jobs that
require user intervention to stop.  Basically, the program runs until the
output looks "good enough," after which the user performs a qdel and removes
the job from the queue.

Deleted (i.e. incomplete) jobs are not counted against the user in the SGE
share tree policy.  This means that half a dozen users on our system get
priority access - their resource utilization is so low that they get first
crack at all the processors, even though they are some of the larger users.

Is anyone aware of an environment variable, setting, or file that can be
modified to force SGE to consider deleted jobs in the share tree?

 - Chris

Chris MacPhee
HPCVL, Queen's University
(613)533-6000 x78375
macpheec at post.queensu.ca

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