[GE users] Configure Queues with different priorities

Sebastian ChiefShadow at gmx.de
Mon Nov 28 07:35:45 GMT 2005


we have 8 nodes which can be used.
Now we should have four queues with following settings:

test      priority -20
high      priority -15
normal    priority 0
low       priority +20

But if i definde this queues, everey queue has 8 slots.
How can i make this queues only for my 8 nodes, so that all queues send
there commands to the 8 Nodes and look which queue can send her jobs.

I tried it with "subordinated queues" but it doesn't work or i doesn't
understand it. :-)

We only want to use this 8 Nodes and the Scheduler should look which queue
is the highest and submit the jobs there first and then make the queue with
the second highest priority eg.

Or do you have other suggestions?

Kind Regards,


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