[GE users] qalter with option -h U and -hold_jid

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Mon Nov 28 15:23:13 GMT 2005

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Uh...  According to what you wrote, you want JOB2 to come after JOB1 and
JOB1 to come after JOB2.  Care to rephrase?

In any case, there is a problem with your qalter command.  The -hold_jid
switch only takes a single argument, and qalter can only target a single
job at a time.  Perhaps what you want to do is:

qalter -hold_jid JOB2 JOB1
qalter -h n JOB2


MINIHOLD Markus wrote On 11/28/05 07:50,:

> Hi,
>  what I want to do is, submit more then one job at once (not bulk)
> with hold status,
> change the dependencies from JOB2 and JOB1 so that JOB1 is the
> predecessor Job of JOB2
> and the sucessor from JOB2 is JOB1 and within the same command remove
> the hold on JOB2
> I'm doing following commands on SGE master:
> qsub -h -N JOB1 sleeper.sh
> qsub -h -N JOB2 sleeper.sh
> qalter -hold_jid JOB2 JOB1 -h U JOB2
> But I'm getting an error message saying: The specified option works
> only on jobs
> What's wrong?
> Markus

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