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Jean-Paul Minet minet at cism.ucl.ac.be
Wed Nov 30 12:36:54 GMT 2005

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We have a cluster of 128 bi-proc nodes with 4 GB RAM each, and a couple of SMP 
boxes (8 CPU, 32 GB RAM).  Users from several research entities will submit 
sequential jobs as well as MPI and OpenMP jobs. We would like to setup SGE so that:

- sequential jobs requiring less than 4 Gb run on the bi-proc nodes, while jobs 
requiring over 4 Gb run on one of the SMP boxes;
- parallel OpenMP jobs run on the SMP boxes (with a max of 8 slots per job);
- parallel MPI jobs run on the bi-proc nodes by default (with a max of 48 
slots), but could be willingly directed by the users to the SMP boxes when 
required (and if requesting less than the total number of CPUs of the SMP boxes).

I have setup an OMP parallel environment with 8 slots, as well as an mpich 
parallel environment with 48 slots.  From there, I have no clear idea on how 
best to structure the queues (and their attached PE) to get the desired 
behavior.  Also, how to prevent job requiring *less* memory than a specified 
amount to run on specific (SMP) hosts?

Any help will be appreciated


Jean-Paul Minet
Gestionnaire CISM - Institut de Calcul Intensif et de Stockage de Masse
Université Catholique de Louvain
Tel: (32) (0) - Fax: (32) (0)

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