[GE users] Queue configuration question.

Baudilio Tejerina tejerina at chem.northwestern.edu
Mon Apr 10 18:08:42 BST 2006


In a clusters composed by single- and dual-processors machines, I  
have defined queues associated with each individual computer so that  
'hostlist' contains just the name of machine (not a group) and the  
'slots' contains the number of CPUs that machine may provide. For  

qconf -sq buckyball

qname                 buckyball
hostlist                 buckyball
seq_no                0
slots                 1,[buckyball=2]

Likewise, if the machine has a single CPU

slots                 1,[zinc=1]

It happens that if I submit a job requesting 2 CPUs, GE allocates one  
from "buckyball" and the other from "zinc".

How can I have the job be allocated in a machine with two processors  
and never in the way it is now?
Related to this, I'd like to configure the queues so that if a user  
requests more that 2 CPUs, the job gets always rejected.

I've been reading  the documentation but I couldn't find anything. In  
fact, I had thought that the configuration of 'one queue for one  
node' would work, but apparently is not sufficient.


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