[GE users] clusters on a subnet

Mark Casella mark at exa.com
Wed Apr 12 17:34:33 BST 2006

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Hi everyone,

	I've been using 5.3p6 for over a year now with great results. I seem to 
learn something new everyday though :)

	In house we recently got 2 new Linux clusters and they were put on a 
subnet so that the qmaster can not directly rsh to each of the 64 nodes. 
You must first log into a mgmt node for that cluster and then you can 
rsh to all the nodes. All of the compute nodes have non-routable ip 
addresses (because we were all out of ip addresses...).

	I read about transfer queues, but this doesn't seem to be exactly what 
I need, I would like ideally to just have the qmaster communicate to the 
execd's through the mgmt node. Also I would prefer to just have one 
qmaster to centralize all the accounting and usage info.

	Has anyone run across this before? Are we better off finally making the 
leap to 6.0 (maybe this is a non-issue for 6.0, I read that port 536 is 
not used for commd in 6.0? how does it communicate then?)

	If the simplest option is to just obtain more ip addresses for all the 
compute nodes, that's fine, I just wanted to check here first.

Thanks for any tips or advice,


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