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John Marshall John.Marshall at ec.gc.ca
Wed Apr 12 18:21:18 BST 2006

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Mark Casella wrote:
>     I read about transfer queues, but this doesn't seem to be exactly 
> what I need, I would like ideally to just have the qmaster communicate 
> to the execd's through the mgmt node. Also I would prefer to just have 
> one qmaster to centralize all the accounting and usage info.

>     If the simplest option is to just obtain more ip addresses for all 
> the compute nodes, that's fine, I just wanted to check here first.


I gather you would prefer to have one big "cell"
containing your current SGE machines and the two
clusters. But, there are benefits to having
multiple cells.

One thing that my organization has done is to
actually support separate cells in order to
allow management of each cell independently:
- system/down time on one cell does _not_
   impact the others. This is very important
   in an operational environment which makes
   reconfiguration of a vital cell undesirable.
- allow different cell configurations including
   different managers/operators. This may be an
   issue when the equipment is owned by different
   groups each with different priorities and
- support frontend-backend type network
   arrangement for security and operational
   purposes. On large clusters, it is sometimes
   imperative to restrict network I/O to the
   cluster only.

To allow access to the available cells we route
the jobs as required using SGE special router
queues. We also support non-SGE queuing systems
(e.g., LoadLeveler) using routing.

You may not need any of these things, though. And,
you may not want to use multiple cells if you want
scheduling to consider all your machines and be
handled by one qmaster.


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