[GE users] DRMAA vs. qalter

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 12 22:45:44 BST 2006

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The DRMAA working group currently has no plans to support the control of
jobs beyond the drmaa_control() routine.  I will forward your request to
that alias, though.


Krzysztof Wilk wrote On 04/12/06 18:33,:

>Dear all,
>I am wondering if there is any way for current DRMAA implementations in
>GE to support qalter functionality. The qalter tool is used for changing
>attributes of pending jobs.
>I could not find any similar functionality neither in DRMAA 1.0
>specification or GE DRMAA Java implementation.
>Is there such a feature available or is it going to be included in
>future DRMAA specification releases?
>Thanks for your time,

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