[GE users] trapping SIGUSR2 signal

Sreenath Nampally sreenath at tigr.ORG
Thu Apr 13 15:39:32 BST 2006


I have a fast.q with 'hard limit wall clock time' as 3 minutes and 
'notify time' as 2 minutes.  

I would like to trap the SIGUSR2 signal whenever a job in fast.q 
is about to exceed the hard limit wall clock time and either
resubmit or reschedule that job to a different queue.

I am able to trap the SIGUSR2 signal but the signal is recieved
when the job is killed ,  not 2 minutes (notify time 2 minutes).
before the SIGKILL is issued.   In my case I should recieve the SIGUSR2
after a minute of job execution (hard limit wall clock time
3 minutes - notify time, 2 minutes)  but seems like SIGUSR2 and SIGKILL
are happening at the same time. 

When my script traps SIGUSR2 and does a resubmit, I get an error that
job doesn't exist. 

Any ideas what might be going wrong here. 


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