[GE users] Modeling to Justify Improved Hardware

Gruhn Daniel J Contractor AF/A9IT Daniel.Gruhn.ctr at pentagon.af.mil
Fri Apr 21 21:24:12 BST 2006

Greetings everyone.
I've been running a grid for my current client using cobbled together
hardware for about 4 months.  My boss here is wanting to justify the
purchase of some better hardware and has asked me to put something together.
We're currently using 900 MHz Sparc 9s so there is lots of room for
improvement, but has anyone put together something that will take qacct
output (I can preprocess it, of course) and run it through some kind of
simulation that can be modified to simulate improved hardware to see what
improvments will take place?

Daniel J.Gruhn, Contractor, USAF
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