[GE users] Modeling to Justify Improved Hardware

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Apr 21 21:45:36 BST 2006

Am 21.04.2006 um 22:24 schrieb Gruhn Daniel J Contractor AF/A9IT:

> Greetings everyone.
> I've been running a grid for my current client using cobbled  
> together hardware for about 4 months.  My boss here is wanting to  
> justify the purchase of some better hardware and has asked me to  
> put something together.
> We're currently using 900 MHz Sparc 9s so there is lots of room for  
> improvement, but has anyone put together something that will take  
> qacct output (I can preprocess it, of course) and run it through  
> some kind of simulation that can be modified to simulate improved  
> hardware to see what improvments will take place?

I would suggest to borrow one/some better machines and test your real  
applications on these machine(s). Any scaling can't be predicted  
without knowing the behavior and requirements of the applications.  
I.e. whether it's mostly memory/CPU bound or limited by disk I/O and  
so on.

-- Reuti

> Thanks,
> Dan
> //SIGNED//
> Daniel J.Gruhn, Contractor, USAF
> Studies & Analyses, Assesments and Lessons Learned

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