[GE users] qsub -cwd and SLES 9.0 and a bit of DRMAA

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 25 10:01:13 BST 2006

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Dev wrote:

> HI,
>    I think this should have been answered somewhere
> before. I tried searching for it but couldn't get to
> it.
> When I use -cwd with qsub why does my PWD always get
> reset to the HOME directory and not to the directory
> from which I try to run the job? This is on SLES 9.0.
> when I try to submit the job script
> echo $PWD ( contents of test.sh )
> using qsub -cwd test.sh I get the out as my $HOME and
> not the dir from which I'm running qsub.
> Does this in any way effect jobs submitted using DRMAA
> with the nativespecification set as -b no -shell yes ?

I can't say for sure, yet it can't be ruled out, once
a shell is used to start binary jobs.

> On the other hand if I have my script as
> #$ -s /bin/sh
> #$ -cwd
> echo $PWD
> things seem to work fine.
> is it something to do with whats being set in
> /etc/bash.bashrc of SLES 9.0 ?

Very likely.


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