[GE users] Is it possible to autoinstall the sge qmaster?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Apr 26 12:23:17 BST 2006

There is a script called "inst_sge" in $SGE_ROOT that will automate a  
template-driven install.

  ./inst_sge -m -auto /path/to/template.txt -- install the sge master
  ./inst_sge -x -auto /path/to/template.txt -- install the sge execd

This page has some additional info:


The auto installation process is sometimes difficult. SGE is  
*extremely* sensitive to things like hostnames and forward/reverse  
DNS resolution. In addition, the template driven install does not  
generally provide much information about why it does not work (check  
the log in /tmp/ for info when it fails).  Once you get a  known good  
template written the process is pretty smooth but creating that  
template in the first place is a trial-and-error sort of thing. Also  
the inst_sge script assumes that some sort of passwordless RSH/SSH  
login mechanism is in place.


On Apr 26, 2006, at 1:30 AM, kartwall wrote:

> users:
>     Is it possible to autoinstall the sge qmaster? I am developing  
> an auto-deploy Cluster program, just like Rocks, which can auto  
> install os, mpich, compiler and sge.
>     I only know we can install sge execd automatically, just use "./ 
> install_execd -auto -fast" but, how to autoinstall the sge qmaster  
> program?
>     Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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