[GE users] allowing and denying access lists from queues via command line

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Apr 28 21:35:02 BST 2006

Hi John,

The short answer is "qconf" -- one of the more powerful SGE command  
line binaries.  Just about all of your queue and ACL management would  
be done via this program.

The best docs for qconf is the manpage:

There are two main ways to interact with the qconf program, there is  
one mode where you are popped into an editor (VI is the default) and  
you make your changes. Once you save and exit (unless there is a  
syntax error) your changes are instantly made live. This would  
include any changes you made regarding access control or user lists.

There are other switches passed to qconf which tell qconf to read in  
data from a text file. This is useful for automating or scripting  
Grid Engine in a way that does not require someone to type things  
into an editor.

Here is an example of different qconf commands as they apply to the  
simple configuration  of a queue:

To show/dump the current configuration of a queue:

   qconf -sq all.q

To pop up an editor where you can change the configuration of a queue

   qconf -mq all.q

To tell grid engine to read in a new complete queue configuration in  
from a file (the automated method)

   qconf -Mq /path/to/new/config/file

SGE binaries take a ton of command line options but in general, the  
switches that begin with "-s" mean 'show', the switches that begin  
with "-m" imply some sort of interactive modification or change.  
Finally the "-M" switches imply data being read in from a file.

To get started with what you want to do, first make yourself  
comfortable showing/dumping the current lists for 'defaultdepartment'  
etc. Once you are comfortable dumping the lists you can move on to  
trying to edit/change them via qconf interactively.


On Apr 28, 2006, at 4:20 PM, Jon Savian wrote:

> How would i go about denying queue access from deadlineusers and
> defaultdepartment while allowing access to my own access list?  
> Through qmon it is simple, but the documentation as to how to do this
> through command line is sparse.  Any ideas?

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