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Wed Aug 2 14:17:56 BST 2006

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      Few questions about h_vmem and MPICH.


Two Nodes with h_vmem set to requestable and consumable and with its value
6.519G when doing a qhost -F | grep h_vmem

Both the nodes have 4 slots each.

I have a very simple MPICH program which doesn't do anything useful except mallocing memory in each MPICH process by taking a command line parameter.

Each MPICH process mallocs different amounts of memory based on a command line parameter specified by the user.

I start the MPI program by doing a qsub and requesting for h_vmem and a parallel environment which includes both the nodes mentioned above.

The whole purpose is just to increase my understanding of how h_vmem behaves when launching mpich programs and I'm not yet an expert MPICH programmer.

I do 

qsub -pe mp_pe 8 -l h_vmem=1g submit_mympi.sh

In submit_mympi.sh I ask the MPI program to allocate a total of less than 6G approx( more closer to 6.5 or so )  and everything works fine with the mpich processes distributed between both the nodes.

Then I do 

qsub -pe mp_pe 5 -l h_vmem=2g submit_mympi.sh

In submit_mympi.sh I ask the MPI program to allocate a total of 6.5G approx and the MPICH processes gets killed.

What I expected in the above case was for the program to run since the total amount of h_vmem requested was more than what  the program tried allocating with 4 mpich processes on each node.( Definitely the total mallocing attempted on a single node would have been less than 6.5 GB which is the total setting for h_vmem on each node ).

Is this the intended behavior that, even if the total h_vmem requested is more than the total memory which would be used by the job , the job will get killed if the memory allocated is more than the value of h_vmem on the head node?



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