[GE users] sge and nodes, please need some recomendation

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Aug 3 19:52:23 BST 2006


Am 03.08.2006 um 19:02 schrieb Christian Fernandez:

> I installed sge and 4 nodes, on the nodes I did the execution hosts
> install like the manual, says..
> and is working great.. but this test nodes are installed on the HD and
> for test, now we need to move this to 80 nodes that will but from a  
> pxe
> image mounting only /usr,  my question here is.. can I just do one  
> node
> install on this image and when each node will boot from it will be  
> able
> to work? meaning does it need specific information for each that I  
> cant
> have on one image? actually we are running openPBS and this seen  
> not be
> an issue. but i'm wondering with SGE, and what will be the best way to
> do this... I saw the possibilities of having 80 different  directories
> mounting /opt from the master node but we really are trying to avoid
> that cause is to much nfs and to many directories to maintain and
> knowing we are going to double the nodes in 1 year.

this is they way I installed all my clusters up to know: install one  
time execd (which might even be on the head-node, and later be  
deactivated) which will in the first place set up the correct paths  
and variables in $SGE_ROOT/default/common/sgeexecd. So you just need  
to add all nodes then with a loop on the command line as admin hosts,  
run the sgeexecd script during startup of the nodes, and they will  
show up on their own as exec hosts.

During startup of a node you will see "No local configuration found,  
using global", but this is what you want most likely anyway. You  
could even remove the local configuration of the head-node, if the  
global one is sufficient anyway.

Only thing to think about to reduce network traffic: use a local  
spool directory like /var/spool/sge (for the qmaster you would need  
to specify it as /var/spool/sge/qmaster, the nodes directories are  
created automatically) owned by sgeadmin (or your admin of SGE). You  
find some info here:


Cheers - Reuti

PS: Run the nodes on their local HDs, or are they diskless?

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