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tmac tmacmd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 17:54:54 BST 2006

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I'm using a strict project-based share tree. Each project gets a different
number of shares.

Users are assigned a default project (through user setup in qmon). A typical
job is submitted with priority -500 (qsub -p -500). This is our convention
to allow users to submit higher priority jobs when warrented. (As a side
question, how can the codine admin set the default starting priority for a

I've been playing with the priority just to see how the queue sorts relative
to the different project shares. Everything looks great except for one
project where the priorities are applied opposite of what is expected. The
project where this happens is the project with the most shares. If I set
another project to have the most shares, then the priority strangeness moves
to that project.

Has anyone else seen this?


Principal Consultant, RABA Technologies
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