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Fri Aug 4 22:40:55 BST 2006

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I'm starting a project called ArchCluster. The idea is to be able to use 
the ArchLinux distribution on Cluster environments (like RocksClusters). 
I'm trying to create a package for GridEngine.

My idea is that I should create two packages (one for the nodes and one 
for the master host). Therefore, when the package gets installed on the 
master node the inst_sge command gets run (with -noremote and no hosts 
listed on the .conf file). Then, on the nodes, my idea was to do 
something similar.

I was expecting that I could use inst_sge on a node and put on the 
command line or config file the name of the master host so it would 
contact it and add it as a new host and queue. I can't find any 
parameter/variable to do this.

How could I install GridEngine on the nodes like this? I can't install 
the master host and nodes at the same time because nodes are not there 
yet. In other words, master doesn't know about nodes when it gets 
installed, and nodes, at most, know the name of the master when they get 
kickstarted (ie: automated installation of the Linux distribution).

Thank you,

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