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I got this working sort of...

It was a combination of kickstart, %post scripts and expect.

I found through trial and error, that the install of sge_exe requires a name
service to be availble. There is none during a kickstart.

I created a service called runonce and chkconfig it on during kickstart. At
the reboot, the runonce script calls three thrings:
1. set the host as an admin host
2. run the install program
3. set site-specifc complex variables.

Each of these use expect. After much trial and error, I got the right combo
where the expect script will
(in the case of 1)
ssh to the master and run a script with an argument of the hostname and make
it an admin host.

(in the case of 2)
run a local expect script that does the installation

(in the case of 3)
ssh to the master and create the complex variables.

The way I make this happen:
I have source files for the kickstart. Anyplace where a hostname should be
though, it says XXX. During the kickstart, I run sed against it and
substitue the hostname for XXX.

Need more info?

I might be able to help.

I cannot help with the master though. I think there are too many little
things to tinker with to automate well.


On 8/4/06, V01D <phreakuencies at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm starting a project called ArchCluster. The idea is to be able to use
> the ArchLinux distribution on Cluster environments (like RocksClusters).
> I'm trying to create a package for GridEngine.
> My idea is that I should create two packages (one for the nodes and one
> for the master host). Therefore, when the package gets installed on the
> master node the inst_sge command gets run (with -noremote and no hosts
> listed on the .conf file). Then, on the nodes, my idea was to do
> something similar.
> I was expecting that I could use inst_sge on a node and put on the
> command line or config file the name of the master host so it would
> contact it and add it as a new host and queue. I can't find any
> parameter/variable to do this.
> How could I install GridEngine on the nodes like this? I can't install
> the master host and nodes at the same time because nodes are not there
> yet. In other words, master doesn't know about nodes when it gets
> installed, and nodes, at most, know the name of the master when they get
> kickstarted (ie: automated installation of the Linux distribution).
> Thank you,
> Matt.
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