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V01D phreakuencies at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 19:38:19 BST 2006

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Well, after reading through a thousand scripts from SGE, I found the 
fundamental snippet: the part where it installs the execution host.
I noticed it does qconf -ah <exechostname> and then SSHs to the 
exec-host and does:
* execute settings.sh
* ./inst_sge -x -noremote -auto <file-used-to-install-master>

So now I'm narrowing down my doubts:
it seems that it is somehow assumed (but it's never explicitly affirmed 
or denied in the documentation) that an execution host should have gone 
through the install process of qmaster (in other words ./inst_sge -m 
-noremote -auto <conf-file> or something like that) before being able to 
install it as an exec host. This is because settings.sh and similar 
files don't exist until after the ./inst_sge script is run.
So my question is: do I have to install the exec host as a master just 
to get the necessary files created so I can actually install it as a 
execution host? It seems a bit weird too me.

I'm sure that the problem is that these files are not there, because if 
I I don't run the installation on the exec host with -auto, it ends up 
saying: "Obviously there was no qmaster installation for this cell yet" 
(which is far from obvious).

If anyone can help me with this, It will be much appreciated.

V01D wrote:
> So, I'm still left with this doubt (maybe someone knows this): how am I 
> supposed to install an execution node without requiring user 
> intervention. I'm referring to a situation where I only run:
> ./inst_sge -m -noremote -auto configfile.conf
> on the master host using a configfile.conf with no hosts defined on it.
> I don't know how should I let the master node know about the new 
> execution host (ie: what command, if any, to run on the master node) and 
> how to install gridengine on the host (ie: what command, if any, to run 
> on the exec host).
> I noticed that ./inst_sge -x asks me about a qmaster installation, which 
>   I don't want. So I think maybe I only need to run something on the 
> master node without the '-noremote' option so that it contacts the exec 
> host and properly installs it. However, I don't know which 
> parameter/config file to use for this point.
> Thank you,
> Matt.
> tmac wrote:
>> On 8/5/06, V01D <phreakuencies at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> your mail got me a little lost since I don't really know how to setup
>>> gridengine by CLI. I'm a little spoiled from the GUI (qmon) and the
>>> installation on another cluster that uses RocksClusters. I'll comment on
>>> each part:
>>> tmac wrote:
>>> > I got this working sort of...
>>> >
>>> > It was a combination of kickstart, %post scripts and expect.
>>> >
>>> > I found through trial and error, that the install of sge_exe 
>>> requires a
>>> > name
>>> > service to be availble. There is none during a kickstart.
>>> I do have name service (I figure you mean DNS) available while
>>> kickstarting.
>> Ah. I do not. I only use NIS, but not during kickstart.
>>> > I created a service called runonce and chkconfig it on during 
>>> kickstart.
>>> At
>>> > the reboot, the runonce script calls three thrings:
>>> > 1. set the host as an admin host
>>> > 2. run the install program
>>> > 3. set site-specifc complex variables.
>>> What does chkconfig do?
>> It enables or disables a service at boot time.
>>> > Each of these use expect. After much trial and error, I got the right
>>> combo
>>> > where the expect script will
>>> > (in the case of 1)
>>> > ssh to the master and run a script with an argument of the hostname 
>>> and
>>> > make
>>> > it an admin host.
>>> >
>>> > (in the case of 2)
>>> > run a local expect script that does the installation
>>> >
>>> > (in the case of 3)
>>> > ssh to the master and create the complex variables.
>>> I figured that this would involve ssh'ing to the master node and make it
>>>   install the exec node, so this sound like I was thinking on doing.
>>> I asked on the first place about this because I wanted to know if SGE
>>> didn't already support this somehow through its inst_sge script. I mean,
>>> is there a way of using this script (running it on the kickstarting
>>> node) so it does this installation on the master host automatically?
>> Do'nt know. I only use inst_sgeexe via kickstart.
>>> > The way I make this happen:
>>> > I have source files for the kickstart. Anyplace where a hostname 
>>> should
>>> be
>>> > though, it says XXX. During the kickstart, I run sed against it and
>>> > substitue the hostname for XXX.
>>> >
>>> > Need more info?
>>> >
>>> > I might be able to help.
>>> >
>>> > I cannot help with the master though. I think there are too many 
>>> little
>>> > things to tinker with to automate well.
>>> Isn't just a matter of calling the inst_sge script? I'm doing automated
>>> installation and it seems to be working ok. I also make ArchLinux
>>> execute the resulting settings.sh for all users by adding a call to it
>>> in /etc/profile.d/.
>>> So, to sum it up: I should ssh from the node to the master and execute
>>> inst_sge with proper parameters/config file so that it adds the new host
>>> and queue, right?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Matt.
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