[GE users] PATH problem

Bradford, Matthew matthew.bradford at EDS.COM
Tue Aug 8 09:50:39 BST 2006

We have installed grid engine portal to allow submission to a cluster,
but we are having a slight problem.

It seems that when a job is submitted via the portal, a subsequent
"qacct" job is also submitted to return info to the portal. This is the
part we are having problems with. 

The section of the script that is causing the problem is listed below:
qacct -j 950

I have created this as a separate script to isolate the problem rather
than part of the portal generated script. I then simply submit this
script to our cluster using qsub.

If I put a which qacct  into this script, then I get the following

"which: no qacct in
/usr/local/sge6.0/default/spool/comp00/job_scripts/<jobid>: line 4:
qacct: command not found.

If I dump the environment at this point, then the PATH is set to 


The SGE_O_PATH is set to the user's full path.

If I submit the same script to an alternative cluster, then everything
seems to work, and the PATH appears to be set to the full path as
specified in their .login script.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Mat Bradford

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