[GE users] SGE in dynamic IP

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Aug 8 11:54:03 BST 2006

Am 08.08.2006 um 12:28 schrieb Nano Surbakti:

> I don't know about NFS and if it will expose big security problem.

You will have to use NFS to share the /home of the users to all the  
nodes. And also the user information, maybe with NIS or LDAP, from a  
central server to have a unique namespace.

> The scenario is like this:
> - I add a script that will be run by dhcp agent to update its /etc/ 
> hosts file based on the new IP given by DHCP server
> - another script will run to notify the master host about its new IP
> - a script on the master will update its /etc/hosts file

But with a changing /etc/hosts file, also the NFS server will have to  
be restarted or at least reloaded. And most likely you will lose any  
open files...

> All the computers are on two lab, which are inside my campus.
> Do you think it'll be dangerous?
> I apologize if I miss or misunderstood something.

Which address range is normally used by the admin: just use 10.0.x.y  
or 168.192.x.y with static addresses in all your machines and don't  
tell the admin about it ;-) . Only the headnode must be known to  
login, and for this you can get a static address as you wrote.

-- Reuti

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