[GE users] Interactive and batch queue preemting eachother

Shruti Iyengar Shruti.Iyengar at synopsys.com
Thu Aug 10 23:47:11 BST 2006

H i, 

We need to know if there is a way to configure SGE env to achieve
following scenario ? 

For example, we have 5 hosts, each with 2 queues. One queue accepts
batch jobs while others accepts interactive jobs. 

What we want is, if system is idle, it should be able to accept either
kind of job. 

But once, it accepts interactive job, it should only accept interactive
jobs and batch q on the host should be inactive (no suspension) until
hosts gets freed up of all pending interactive jobs on the host. 

Only when the system is idle once again, it is ok to accept either job.
If batch job gets submitted first, then same behaviour i.e. it becomes
batch machine and only accepts batch jobs until it gets idle to accept
both kinds. 

We don't want any suspension of jobs to happen, 

Pls suggest how it can be implemented. 


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