[GE users] Application and User Priority Queue Question

Langston, Chris Chris.Langston at aa.com
Fri Aug 11 22:12:35 BST 2006



We are setting up SGE to replace our current (home-grown) scheduling
system and I have a configuration question for how best to setup the
queues and policies to meet our requirements. Any help, suggestions or
directions on where to find the correct documents will be greatly


Given the following SGE setup:

*         SGE 6.0u7 on an NFS mount.

*         Two servers (nodes): a primary and secondary (slower and less


And the following requirements:

*         Three main applications get submitted by the user thru a
wrapper script. For now, let's call them app1, app2 and app3.

o        App1 also has a dependency job that will run when it finishes.
Let's call that dep1.

*         App1 must run on the primary server due to resource

*         App2 can run on either server but should run on the primary
first if it's available.

*         App3 can run on either server and the same priority as app2.

*         Only one instance of either app1 or app2 can run at a time on
the same server.

*         App2 can run on both the primary or secondary server but only
1 instance on each.

*         Up to two instance of dep1 can run on the primary server or
secondary server.

*         Up to four instance of app3 can run on a server, but should be
limited to two instance if app1 and/or app2 are running.

*         The users are split into normal, high and highest priority.

*         A higher priority user should be able to lower their priority
for a given task.



Much of the documentation I've seen for setting up queues deals more
with the mechanics of how to do it and not so much about the theory
behind the different options. One concern is that setting up a policy to
handle one requirement will negate a policy for another.


Thanks in advance to for any help.




Chris Langston

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