[GE users] Interactive and batch queue preemting eachother

Bevan C. Bennett bevan at fulcrummicro.com
Sat Aug 12 00:04:08 BST 2006

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Shruti Iyengar wrote:
> Hi Bevan,
> Actually, that's what I thought of first, but then realized it would
> mean suspension of running jobs and we don't want that to happen.

This never suspends running jobs. You just can't have both queues active at once
on any given server. The first batch job to hit a queue instance locks out all
interactive jobs from that server and vice versa.

We use this method to implement an 'unshared' queue that only supports one slot
per system

> Basically, R&D pool in current scenario has to dedicate certain systems
> to be interactive while others to be batch...so that load on interactive
> machines is light even though no. of interactive sessions are huge...So,
> now going to next level, they want to minimize idle time...in other
> words, if an interactive system/batch system is sitting idle and another
> kind of job is looking for a slot, it should take over....don't want to
> mix the two because of type of job and load involved....at any point of
> time, it should either be a batch machine or an interactive machine,
> depending on whichever took over the system first.

> This is pretty straightforward, actually.
> Queue 1: batch.q
> slots: N
> subordinates: interactive.q (max slots 1)
> Queue 2: interactive.q
> slots: N
> subordinates: batch.q (max slots 1)
> As soon as one job is submitted to a host instance of batch.q, the
> interactive.q
> on that host is subordinated (disabled), and vice versa.

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