[GE users] AFS authentication weirdness i386

Kirk Patton kpatton at transmeta.com
Tue Aug 22 21:26:41 BST 2006


I wrote home grown program to use as the 'get_token_cmd' in the global configuration.
My program is working on  on CentOS 3 x86_64, CentOS 3 i386, CentOS 4 x86_64, AIX 5.1 &
SunOS 9.

Recently, I added a test system to my cluster which is running CentOS 4 i386.  My AFS
set_token_cmd is running, but the execution environment is not inheriting the tokens.  When
I run my program in debug mode, it is clear that the tokens *are* being set when my auth
program runs.  Whatever takes place next, is not receiving them.

If I set the 'execd_params  KEEP_ACTIVE=true' and check the contents of the jobs trace file,
SGE reports that my auth command completed successfully.

Another data point, my program is a python script that is frozen to produce an executable file.

I am trying to debug what is happening and am at a loss...  If anyone has any idea what may
be happening or any debgging tips, that would be great.  Right now, I am just looking for ideas
on how to better determine what is actually happening.


Kirk Patton
Unix Administrator
Transmeta Inc.
Tel. 408 919-3055

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