[GE users] Dynamic queue -- sge schedule policy

Eric Zhang maillistbox at 126.com
Thu Aug 24 03:46:10 BST 2006

Hi, users:

    I have used sge for a while and I found a problem here.

    I have a 32 nodes cluster here. Some nodes in cluster have 4G memory
and some nodes have 16G memory. Some jobs need at least 16G memory and
the other jobs have no this limitation. In order to run the "16G memory"
job correctly, I created a queue(we call this queue as queue A) which
contains all 16G memory nodes and created another queue(we call this
queue as queue B) contains the nodes left. Here comes the problem:

    When I submit a "non 16G memory need" job, the job can only run in
queue B even if the queue A has no load -- obviously this is a resource
waste. In another hand, if I don't define the queue A and queue B, the
"non 16G memory need" job will run on the 16G memory nodes, that means,
the "16G memory need" job cannot run on it and has to waiting.

    I don't know whether the sge has a dynamic schedule policy? I mean,
if the queue A has no load, the "non 16G memory need" job can run on it;
if the "16G memory need" job has been submitted, the "non 16G memory
need" jobs will be paused and be migrated to queue B or, just in a
simple way -- restart/reschedule these jobs.

    Thanks for any suggestions. If you cannot understand my meaning, I'd
like to explain more details.

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