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John Tseng jtseng at montalvosystems.com
Fri Aug 25 17:02:37 BST 2006

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We have both cases where we want to suspend and not to suspend.

The suspend case is well documented.

For the non suspend case, we have no subordinate_list.  We make sure that 4G jobs go to 4G machines first.

We do this by marking the 4G machines with a boolean complex  "machine_4g".
You can do this through the host_load_sensor (a bit of scripting involved here).
If you'd rather not write a host load_sensor,   You then can mark the @host_4G machines in the 4G queue with machine_4g=1. (In Qmon, you can add a queue-specific hostgroup and attache the boolean attribute)

When you submit a 4G job, it needs to be submitted with a soft request of mem4g=1
The scheduler will dispatch 4G jobs to 4G machines first, and then 'roll over' to 16G machines

In this context, a qsub would like this.
qsub -q mem4G.q -soft -l mem4g=1 -hard  myscript


ps on a different tangent: we don't have separate queues and we keep track that each job gets enough memory.  So our submissions look like

qsub -soft -l machine_4g=1 -hard -l mem=4G,mem_free=4G myscript

mem_free=4G is a load value, and guarantees that at time of dispatch, that much memory is free.  There could be non-sge jobs running that 'take' away memory and we don't want to swap.

mem=4G is a consumable complex and is used for accounting purposes.  This guarantees that only 1 4G job will land on the machine (or 4 1G jobs).  If the machine had 8G, then 2 4G jobs could land on it.  You can set this in the queue via the hostgroup (similar to machine_4g).  If you have many queues and/or many machines like we do, then we would put this in the host load_sensor and have it do a qconf -mattr exec_host complex_values mem=4G)

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 02:39:14PM +0300, Juha Jäykkä wrote:
> > In the 16G queue, the queue definition should contain:
> > 
> > subordinate_list      my_4G_queue
> We have the same situation, but we are *not* comfortable suspending jobs.
> Is this necessary? I realise that not suspending them will mean the big
> jobs have to wait before the bigmem nodes are free, but we're willing to
> live with that.

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