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John Tseng jtseng at montalvosystems.com
Mon Aug 28 18:29:47 BST 2006

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On Monday 28 August 2006 09:55, Reuti wrote:

> in the scheduler. Inside the pool of machines with the same sequence  
> number, the load is still used.
Oh, this is good to know.  I recall in sge 5.x,  machines with the same sequence number
have no partiuclar order.

It  appears that seqno/load are already in prioritized order from the sched_conf:
If seqno is the sortingthe load is a tie break.  if load is the sorting method, then seqno is a tie break.

       This  parameter  determines  in  which order several criteria are taken
       into account to product a sorted queue list.  Currently,  two  settings
       are  valid: seqno and load. However in both cases, Grid Engine attempts
       to maximize the number of soft requests (see qsub(1) -s  option)  being
       fulfilled by the queues for a particular as the primary criterion.
       Then,  if  the queue_sort_method parameter is set to seqno, Grid Engine
       will use the seq_no parameter as configured in the current  queue  con-
       figurations (see queue_conf(5)) as the next criterion to sort the queue
       list. The load_formula (see above) has only a  meaning  if  two  queues
       have  equal  sequence numbers.  If queue_sort_method is set to load the
       load according the load_formula is the  criterion  after  maximizing  a
       job?s  soft  requests and the sequence number is only used if two hosts
       have the same load.  The sequence number sorting is most useful if  you
       want  to  define  a  fixed order in which queues are to be filled (e.g.
       the cheapest resource first).

       The default for this parameter is load.

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