[GE users] ptf complains: Job does not exist

Thiep Duong Thiep.Duong at am.necel.com
Mon Aug 28 19:44:46 BST 2006

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Hi Reuti,

The schedd_job_info true/false turn on/off the detail
of jstat information.  What I want to ask is where is
the information coming from?


Reuti wrote:
> Am 26.08.2006 um 00:50 schrieb Thiep Duong:
>> Hi Reuti,
>> Reuti wrote:
>>> Am 22.08.2006 um 00:26 schrieb Thiep Duong:
>>>> Now I do have a work around to add xterm*font definition in
>>>> my .Xdefaults so the issue is not critical anymore.  However, I still
>>>> wonder is there any problem with SGE's scheduler?  and very interest to
>>>> find out what is the root cause of it.
>>> You mean because of the many output lines in qstat? It's just the 
>>> states of some queue instances - this is normal. - Reuti
>> Not really.  In my environment, there is only less than  150-jobs at
>> any given time, very few jobs in queue, and they are mostly due
>> to maxujobs setting.  What files/how does qstat -j <job-id>  is
>> looking at?
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> -- Reuti

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