[GE users] Dynamic queue -- sge schedule policy

Juha Jäykkä juhaj at iki.fi
Mon Aug 28 22:02:08 BST 2006

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> in the scheduler. Inside the pool of machines with the same sequence  
> number, the load is still used.

This is excellent! It is perfect for us, and it's even the simplest way.

I have another question, though. Suppose I have (cluster) queue spanning
ten hosts; the hosts have all h_vmem=1G and the queue has h_vmem=4G. What
happens if I submit 5 jobs with h_vmem=1G? From the manual pages of
complex and queue_conf, I get the impression that the queue limit limits
the amount of h_vmem in *the whole* queue, thus making it impossible to
consume more than 4G of memory in the queue although in my example this
would mean there are 6 hosts doing nothing. Is this correct? I can not
believe it is, but that's how I understand the manual anyway.


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