[GE users] Privacy in SGE

Iwona Sakrejda isakrejda at lbl.gov
Mon Aug 28 22:35:49 BST 2006

Chris MacPhee wrote:

> By default, any user can query the job status of any other user via SGE
> tools.  This presents a privacy risk - a user can determine the email
> address (and other info) of another.  This is also true of the cell's
> spool directory - any user can investigate job scripts.
> Has anyone attempted to firm up the privacy of SGE, such that commands
> will only provide information to the job owner?  Or played with
> permissions within the cell spool directory?

If those changes are implemented, please remember that lots of users work
in groups and it is essential for them to have access to group workload.
I am actually facing an oposite issue. How users could modify/delete jobs
started by other users in the same group.

The cluster over all runs on group fair share and I have just one queue
for everybody and all works just fine. But there are times when groups
of users run production in shifts and person who started takes a break and
another one should be able to take over if unforseen circumstances occur.
Right now they have to find me or my colleague to help them out.
Ids there a way give a group control over group's jobs?

Thank You,


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