[GE users] Privacy in SGE

Iwona Sakrejda isakrejda at lbl.gov
Tue Aug 29 04:49:00 BST 2006


>> If those changes are implemented, please remember that lots of  users 
>> work in groups and it is essential for them to have access to group  
>> workload.  I am actually facing an oposite issue. How users could 
>> modify/ delete jobs started by other users in the same group.

> Well, you could make some of them an operator in SGE (qconf -ao  <user>) 
> with limited access to SGE's configuration options, but then  they could 
> also delete jobs of other groups. - Reuti

I rememer once looking into this option but the manual says:

Managers. Managers have full capabilities to manipulate the
grid engine system.
Operators. Operators can perform many of the same commands as managers,
except that operators cannot add, delete, or modify queues.

Well, that is WAY too much. I do trust them but it's so easy to make
an honest mistake I do not want to mop up after....

Anyway if you ever considered any granularity in priviledges,
groups would be a natural way to go. For example "a group operator
- has full power over group jobs...."

Just a suggestion....


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