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Bradford, Matthew matthew.bradford at eds.com
Thu Aug 31 21:48:26 BST 2006

Can anybody advise on the following requirement:

We have a machine which is accessible by 3 teams. Each of these teams'
applications have different requirements and we are looking to configure
SGE to manage the sharing for us. 

Below is an example of the configuration:

Machine: 6 processors - 16Gb RAM

	Processor Share	Memory Share
Team A:      1 				8
Team B:      2				4
Team C:      3				4

Is it possible to configure SGE such that when the machine is fully
loaded and a share limit is reached for a particular Team (i.e. either
memory or processing time), that jobs, starting from the last submitted
job, running for that team are suspended/checkpointed until within the
limit. When the load drops below 100% these suspended jobs should then
be unsuspended and allowed to continue. If the machine is not fully
utilised then the limits do not apply.

	Machine has 6 jobs running for TeamA - i.e. although TeamA have
exceeded their quota, the machine is not being used by anyone else so
SGE has allowed jobs to be run to use free capacity.
	TeamB submit a job. SGE should now suspend the last job that
TeamA submitted and run the new job that TeamB have just submitted.
	TeamB's job finishes. SGE should now resume the TeamA job that
was suspended.

Similarly with memory quotas can a job be suspended, or checkpointed,
until there is enough of a team's quota remaining, or no other teams are
using the machine.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Mat Bradford
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