[GE users] Tight-ssh, was: CPU limit in mpi jobs

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Aug 31 23:43:14 BST 2006

Am 31.08.2006 um 19:17 schrieb Rui Ramos:

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>  Hi Reuti ,
>   thanks on the quick reply.
>> AFAIK you have to recompile SGE to support Tight Integration using
>> SSH with:
>> -tight-ssh        -> compile SSH daemon with tight SGE integration
>> SGE will assign a special additonal group ID with it's own rshd to
>> monitor the usage by this additional group ID. With the default sshd
>> this additonal group ID won't be used. So you need the special sshd
>> version from SGE.
>  Ok din't know that, i was using the binaries. So i've downloaded  
> the maintrunk from CVS and compiled gridengine with the option - 
> tight-ssh. But i don't get a sshd binary !? is this ok ?

openssh source must be installed before. I found this on the dev list:

1) unzip/untar openssh, and put it in source/3rdparty (rename to  
remove the version of openssh)
2) patch sshd.c
3) ./aimk -tight-ssh

but I'm not sure about the current status. I think it was prepared by  

>  the only binaries i have is rsh,rshd and rlogin that i could set  
> in the parallel env. config.
> Another issue related to this, i have a submission machine with  
> another arch (32bits). Now i can't submit, from that one i get:
> error: can't unpack gdi request
> error: error unpacking gdi request: bad argument
> Unable to run job: failed receiving gdi request.
> Exiting.
> I've also had the same problem in the main cluster, but after  
> updating the sge_execd things started to work. But in this case i  
> can't simply use the same binaries because they are 64bits. Must i  
> create new binaries also for this other machine ?

Yes. The other option would be to use 32-bit binaries on the 64-bit  
machine, but I wouldn't recommend it.

-- Reuti

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