[GE users] how to configure subordinate queues with 2 slots?

Richard Smith r.smith at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 2 02:28:18 GMT 2006

I have one high priority cluster queue ('highpri') and one normal cluster 
queue ('all.q') which is a subordinate of it.  Each node has 2 CPUs so 
each queue has 2 slots.

First I configured highpri like this:
 	subordinate_list      all.q

Then when a job is submitted to highpri, it runs on a node that is 
already running two all.q jobs.  No jobs are suspended, so it shares a CPU 
with another job.  I do not want CPU sharing.

Therefore I configure highpri like this:
 	subordinate_list      all.q=1

Now, when a single job is submitted to the high priority queue, *two* 
jobs, i.e. both slots are suspended on the normal queue of one of the 

Obviously, this means one CPU is sitting idle.  I do not want this either.

It seems my choices are 'none suspended' or 'two suspended'.  How can I 
can configure it so that only one of the slots is suspended?


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