[GE users] MPICH2 & SGE tight integration

Raymond Chan raychan at ucdavis.edu
Mon Jan 2 23:04:01 GMT 2006

Hi all,


I followed Reuti's tight integration procedure for daemonless smpd.  With a
single user, I must start smpd on the nodes (smpd -s), and my app runs fine.
As soon as I try to run another mpich2 job for more than this one user, I
get errors.  Doing a smpd -s on another user after the first, gives me
errors like this:


[00:14377]..ERROR:MPIDU_Sock_listen failed,

sock error: generic socket failure, error stack:

MPIDU_Sock_listen(399): unable to bind socket to port
(port=6029704,errno=98:Address already in use)


It seems that the first user's smpd supersedes every other users', and
subsequent user startups of smpd's assumes the same port binding as the
original user who started it.  I then tried to start smpd on a different
port for each user w/ the -p option or putting it in the  .smpd file, but
the port always seems to default back to that 6029704.  I'm trying to get a
multi-user smpd/mpich2 environment working w/ Sun Grid Engine.  Has anyone
experienced such problems getting things to run w/ more than one user?



-Ray C

 Univ of California, Davis

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